Models of K Serices EBM Machines

55K1 X2.2D

<p>Features: Four-column balanced put rod structure for over-long or over-wide molds. Products can come out from two sides and bottom of the machine, adapted different products Touchscreen with human-computer interface with simply and convenient operation. Double pump for oil supply, which can save energy Double proportional valves controlling the speed and pressure of oil, making movement of oil swift and stable.</p>

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High -Tech China PP Bottle Making Machine In Various Capacity Ranges

<p class="MsoNormal"><span lang="en-PK">Leshan has held a unique position in the market as a PP bottle-making machine manufacturer offering a complete container design and prototyping service. Our pp bottle-making machine comes in various capacity ranges for providing accurate applications for delicate and speedy processes. </span></p> <p>Users can also enjoy compact design, high efficiency, low price, consumption saving, easy maintenance, and operations. Our China pp bottle-making machines offer the full range of solutions for pp bottle/container production.&nbsp;</p>

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<p>Single/Double Station</p> <p> Single/Double/Triple/Quadruple...8 Head</p> <p>Production Volume:2ml~20L</p> <p>Multi layers: Co-Extrusion 1-4 Layers</p> <p>Multi cavities: 1~8 cavities</p> <p> Specialize for the PE/PP/PETG/PVC/Nylon/Co-Extrusion Material</p>

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