Models of EBM Y Series Machine


<p>Features: Siemens TP700 color touch screen of 7 inches, 800 x 480 resolution, 16 megapixels. Platform lifting function, adapted to different mold height and different blow molding process requirements. Hydraulic system, adopting proportional technology, optimized hydraulic oil circuit design, has the characteristics of power saving, fast action, convenient parameter adjustment. Automatic lubrication system, reducing the workload of equipment maintenance. Die head pressing piston and storage cavity are made of hard and wear-resistant materials, which are durable. A pull-down width device, which can stretch the material tube to both sides and then blow air, so that the bottle shape is more uniform and fuller. For large caliber material pipe, equipped with a pre-clamping bottle embryo device to glue the material pipe mouth, so as to insert the pen and blow air.</p>

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