A: The exhaust valve is blocked or the exhaust valve and exhaust pipe are too small.

Answer: It can improve the blowing process, improve the cooling water transportation of the mold, improve the machine action time, improve the shape of the cup to make the material tube become even, thus reducing the molding cycle time of the product.

A: It can be blown LDPE/HDPE/PP/PA/PETG/PC/PVC / 9 / TRITON, etc.

Answer: this depends on you want to buy what class blow molding machine and want to match what optional function.Blow molding helicopters cost between $2 million and $3 million, as helicopters like The Knicks and helicopters.Intermediate level, like Leshan, the price is 600,000-1.5 million

Answer: Extrusion requires accurate control of the temperature of each area. The heat comes from the heating element on the one hand, and the internal shear heat on the other. So, you want to check whether the fan is broken, or the screw does not adapt to the plastic you choose, need to change the plastic or need to change the screw.You can also ask questions on Leshan's website, and their technicians can respond to your questions.

Answer:Extrusion blow molding principle is: plastic melting and extruding into tubular billet, then two and a half mold clamping, clip is blank in the mold, cut with a knife materials slab between the die and mould cutting, liu to mould billet in blow in high pressure gas, make the billet circumferential tensile stick close cavity, after cooling the mould, after removed material into plastic bottles.

Answer: blow molding energy consumption is mainly produced by heating, mechanical action. Heating elements usually use resistance heating, electromagnetic heating and infrared heating.The energy-saving effect is that the resistance heating<the electromagnetic heating<the infrared heating.The mechanical action has the big and small pump hydraulic system and the servo hydraulic system, the energy saving effect is the big and small pump hydraulic system is smaller than the servo hydraulic system. The rapid molding of blow molding involves the speed of the extruder, the speed of the bottle blowing, the cooling of the mold, and the diameter of blow pin.Leshan blow molding machine has quickly extruder, and the frame and die of the blow molding machine move quickly. It is equipped with aluminum alloy copper mold and large diameter blowing and exhaust blow pin.

A: Yes, the plastic blow molding machine of Leshan can make PETG and Triton bottles, and their blow molding machine can also make quadruple die heads.

Answer: the output demand of the same kind of product is big, choose double station blow molding machine.Single product demand is small, choose simplex blow molding machine.

Answer: the customer group that buys 8 cavity plastic forming machine basically is to do 100-350ml milk bottle food grade, characteristic: output is big, molding cycle is short.

Answer: multi-layer co-extrusion, customer demand is generally divided into two to five layers.

Answer: Each layer should be evenly wrapped;2. Good adhesion with PE material layer

Answer: The mold and deflasher device are integrated

Answer: Leshan Machine is one of the top three brands of blow molding machine. It has been making blow molding machine of high quality. The specific configuration price of 15-liter machine should be learned from Guangdong Leshan Intelligent Equipment Co., LTD.

Answer:Guangdong Leshan Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd. is listed on the New Third Board. The securities abbreviation: Leshan Intelligent, securities code: 871695.Founded in August 1995, the company is located in Deliang Wusha Industrial Zone, Shunde District, Foshan city, covering an area of about 37570 square meters, with more than 380 employees. At present, the company has developed into an intelligent mechanical equipment company focusing on the field of "plastic hollow molding" and integrating mechanical design, research and development, production, sales and service.

The main products of the company are blowing molding machine series, precision mold, motor series, auxiliary machine series, key engineering design and construction, etc., among which the blowing molding machine products adopt the international standard production, with the EU mandatory certification CE qualification, etc.

LESHAN Intelligent is one of the blow molding machine industry standard drafting unit and national high-tech enterprise in China. It was awarded as THE FAMOUS TRADMARKS OF GUANGDONG PROVINCE, THE FAMOUS BRAND PRODUCT, NURTRUING ENTERPRISES FOR STRATEGIC EMERGING INDUSTRIES FOR GUANGDONG PROVINCE, THE QUALITY MANUFACTURER IN GUANGDONG PROVINCE and so on.Over the years, the company has undertaken and completed 4 national projects, 12 provincial projects, and more than 10 regional projects.It has obtained 3 scientific and technological achievements, formulated 3 enterprise standards, and has 70 state-authorized utility model patents, 7 design patents, 7 invention patents, and 26 in-process patents, among which 6 are utility model patents and 20 invention patents.It has 18 registered trademarks in China, and has applied for 7 trademarks in transit.There are 7 international registered trademarks, namely, the Philippines, Malaysia, Indonesia, Russia, Egypt, Australia and Vietnam, and 3 pending trademark applications. LESHAN Intelligent has won the third prize of Science and technology progress of Guangdong Province, the second prize of Science and technology Progress of Foshan City, the first prize of Science and technology Step of Shunde District and many other honors.

After more than 20 years of development, Leshan intelligent has grown into one of the enterprises with strong r&d strength, strong technical innovation ability and large capacity scale in the bottle blowing machine equipment industry, and the annual production scale of the whole bottle blowing machine reaches more than 500 sets.The company has also established good cooperative relations with many world-renowned enterprises and Top 500 Enterprises in China, such as Unilever, P&G, Walch, Mobil, Danone, Bp, Uni-President, Shell, Petrochina, Wahaha, Libai, Mengniu, Yili, Nais, Mobil Oil, Haotou, Jun Yao Group and so on.

Answer: Adjust the pressure and flow parameters of carriage PQ valve to make the carriage action more smoothly.

Answer:This should be calculated according to the length of the scarps clamping edge clamping force.According to experience from leshan’s engineer, for HDPE material, 1mm clamping force needs 100N, for PP material, 1mm clamping force needs 125N, for LDPE material, 1mm clamping force needs 70N.The above is for the shearing mouth with the ordinary filling platform.If there is no feeding table, it can be reduced by 30% to 40%, and if it is a double shearing table, it needs to be increased by 25% to 30%.Buy bottle blowers, or to find a strong technical team of the factory more reliable.Leshan's technicians are quite professional.

Answer: No, because the two materials have different heating temperatures.

Answer: One outer layer, one inner layer, and with veiw strip line. The inner layer can use 30% brand new material and 70% scraps material to realize cost saving.

Answer: Also provide close mold, auxiliary system, key engineering services.

Answer: Through the air circulation blow pin and the air circulation function, the hot gas in the bottle after forming in the mold can be discharged rapidly, which can improve the cooling speed and increase the output.

Answer:Types are divided into oil-electric hybrid, all-electric, EBM machine models.The advantages of the oil-electric mixture are that the pendant frame and the stylus are driven by electric servo motor, which will not leak oil and is more energy saving and environmental protection.Disadvantages: Because the clamping mode is hydraulic, there will be oil leakage risk.The advantage of all electric is that clamping frame action, carriage adopts electric servo drive, no oil leakage and more energy saving and environmental protection.Disadvantages: Clamping force will be less than hydraulic press.The advantages of the speedometer lie in that the production is increased by 20%-40% compared with the original, the clamping frame and carriage frame is equipped with electronic brake, which makes the action more stable and faster. The stylus inserting system is equipped with the rapid cooling system inside the bottle and the rapid cooling stylus inserting device inside the bottle, which makes the product cooling faster.

Answer: High cost performance, moderate price, more after-sales service coverage, high insurance rate, strong durability of the machine.

Answer: Production cycle 40-45 days; Delivery time: 60 days.

Answer:Such as washing supplies, hotel supplies, personal supplies, food, medicine, pesticides, wide-mouth bottles and other PETG and PVC packaging industries, etc., can be produced by Leshan blow molding machine.