Meet The Best Automa Blow Molding Machine Manufacturer Ever

The extrusion blow molding machines made by the China extrusion blow molding machine manufacturer are used for the blow molding process that manufactures a variety of plastic bottles used in different sectors and industries. Here are some incredible things to know about this machine provided by the automa blow molding machine exporter.

1. This is a user-friendly machine originated by a German engineer.

2. The extrusion blow molding machine has a rapid cooling installation mechanism.

3. This high-tech machinery offers higher productivity in lesser time.

4. This machine has a clamping device that renders stronger forces which allows it to move steadily and faster.


  • Check-square Single/Double Station
  • Single/Double/Triple/Quadruple...8 Head
  • Production Volume:2ml~30L
  • Multilayers: Co-Extrusion 1-6 Layers
  • Multi cavities: 1~8 cavities
  • Specialize for the PE/PP/PETG/PVC/Nylon/Co-Extrusion Material


Experience the most intuitive features that few co extrusion blow molding machine exporters can offer in their product.

•A die head of German design for convenient adjustment. This also guarantees quick, material-changing, and safer operation.

•Servo-balance system for the die head, ensuring precise and powerful lifting and descending of it.

•Blow pin frame of linear-guide rail and RCI system for higher precision and less friction.

•The rapid cooling installation cools down through heat exchange between hot and cold wind, reducing the cooling time by 30%-40%

•A clamping plate is controlled by an electric scale for higher precision and quicker movement.

•Optimized layout of tubes, avoiding leakage of water and oil.

Get The High-Tech Machinery From The Premier China Extrusion Blow Molding Manufacturer

Looking for top-quality blow molding machinery to prosper your businesses? Then find it here at Guangdong Leshan Intelligent Equipment Corp., Ltd., which is a corporate of the top-most China extrusion blow molding manufacturer. With years of experience, we have become a pro in the manufacturing of these high-tech machines. These high-tech extrusion blow molding machines made by the automa blow molding machine manufacturer are highly efficient in their performance and produce a variety of plastic bottles. Besides providing you with the best quality of these blow molding machines, the trusted China extrusion blow molding supplier also guarantee you superior services. We give utmost priority to our patrons by offering them on-time delivery and affordable rates.

Why Shop From The China Extrusion Blow Molding Supplier?

Leshan is a firm of reliable co-extrusion blow molding machine exporter and gives you all the best reasons to shop here. The most important reason is we never compromise with the quality of our machinery. Here are all the best things to know about these co-extrusion blow molding machines made by the co-extrusion blow molding machine manufacturer.

•We make the extrusion blow molding machines with a high-volume output.

•This high-tech machinery made by the Extrusion Blow Molding Machine makers ensures greater precision.

•This top-quality extrusion blow molding machine is also user-friendly.

•Because of the automated operation, the waster polymer is less.

•It gives different industries a viable solution to create a variety of plastic products which also proves the diversity of these machines. 

Applications Of The Extrusion Blow Molding Machines

The optimum extrusion blow molding machine offered by the premium co extrusion blow molding machine supplier is proved to be extremely beneficial for several sectors, especially the following:

•The extrusion blow molding machines are required by the medical and pharmaceutical sectors for the making of different medicine bottles.

•These machines are also used to make milk bottles.

•They are also used to manufacture chemical bottles.

•Most detergent bottles are also made of extrusion blow molding machines.

•The engine oil bottles are also made by these machines.

•The refringent bottles are also usually made of these automa machines.

•Different toy parts are also manufactured in these high-tech extrusion blow molding machines. 

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Unparallel Configuration And System Support 

Our co-extrusion blow molding machines are efficient enough to configure from a single cavity to eight cavities in the process of production. Our machines are equipped with an MTM system for bottle transfer. Our machines provide a variety of configurations that blow molding manufacturers are looking for in one machine. Whether your production need is 10000 or 1 million, our machines are ample to serve your needs like a magic lamp. Get started with China’s leading co-extrusion blow molding machine manufacturer to see the difference.

Precision Is Hard Cored In Our Machine 

Being a professional automa blow molding machine supplier, we have kept every aspect of our machine aligned with our user requirements because we believe that a minor inaccuracy can render a product unusable. That’s why our product can provide precision on every kind of plastic manufacturing, which every extrusion blow molding exporter won’t offer these days.