All-Electric Blow Molding Machines Exporter Presents A New Addition

China's leading All-Electric Blow Molding Machines Manufacturer introduces a new addition of All-Electric Blow Molding Machines better than the existing ones. With our latest addition, consumers can make the process window narrow to some great extent with unwavering accuracy. The consumer will find a remarkable speed in the overall cycle, approximately 10% fast, increasing the yield by 30%. The machine is also improved in energy consumption and precision.


·         Single/Double Station

·         Single/Double/Triple/Quadruple...8 Head

·         Production Volume:2ml~30L

·         Multi layers: Co-Extrusion 1-6 Layers

·         Multi cavities: 1~8 cavities

·         Specialize for the PE/PP/PETG/PVC/Nylon/Co-Extrusion Material


·         A die head of German design for convenient adjustment, quick material-changing, and safer operation.

·         Servo-balance system for the die head, ensuring precise and powerful lifting and descending of it.

·          Blow pin frame of linear-guide rail and RCI system for higher precision and less friction.

·         Rapid cooling installation cools down through heat exchange between hot and cold wind, reducing the cooling time by 30%-40%

·         A clamping plate controlled by an electric scale for higher precision and quicker movement.

·         Optimized layout of tubes, avoiding leakage of water and oil. 

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Finding it hard to deal with unprofessional traders? Then consider your worries gone because all-electric blow molding machines exporter has the best to offer you which you surely deserve. Guangdong Leshan Intelligent Equipment Corp., Ltd., is a leading firm of highly professional and well-skilled all-electric blow molding machines manufacturer with years of experience in serving our customers with top-quality machinery without compromising with the services. We take immense pride in announcing that Leshan is now considered the most in-demand all-electric blow molding machines supplier of not only China but the world market and has all the global certifications that prove our worth in the global industrial market.

Troubleshooting Made Easier With All-Electrics Blow Molding Machines

Being a renowned all-electric blow molding machines supplier, we have begun to take some essential changes in our production norms. With our new electric machine, troubleshooting has become so much easier and convenient that there is no need for specialized skills to operate. There is also no hassle of wear parts and a large team of laborers to support the process.

We have so many customers who now exclusively buy electric molding machines because our new addition's operation is far easier than other presses.  After introducing the new all-electric model, our Sales have gone up though we deal in hydraulic molding machinery quite a good number of our clients buy only all-electric.

"So many bottle manufacturing companies are counting on developed all-electric blow molding machines suppliers like us to enjoy energy savings and faster cycles."

Experience Best Quality and Best Services

Leshan, as a firm of top-tier all-electric blow molding machines supplier, guarantees all our customers with not only the best quality but supreme services as well. We promise our customers on-time delivery means you would find your shipments without any delays and without any defects. This is the reason that all our clients have full faith in the all-electric blow molding machines exporter.