High -Tech China PP Bottle Making Machine In Various Capacity Ranges

Leshan has held a unique position in the market as a PP bottle-making machine manufacturer offering a complete container design and prototyping service. Our pp bottle-making machine comes in various capacity ranges for providing accurate applications for delicate and speedy processes.

Users can also enjoy compact design, high efficiency, low price, consumption saving, easy maintenance, and operations. Our China pp bottle-making machines offer the full range of solutions for pp bottle/container production. 


 ·        Single/Double Station

·         Single/Double/Triple/Quadruple...8 Head

·         Production Volume:2ml~20L

·         Multilayers: Co-Extrusion 1-4 Layers

·         Multi cavities: 1~8 cavities

·         Specialize in the PE/PP/PVC/Nylon/Co-Extrusion Material


 ·       Equipped with hopper for material feeder, Four-in-one feeding system, spiral feeder, etc.

·         Extrusion platform left and right movement function.

·         Plunger with guiding function.

·         Multi-die head special cold knife.

·         Head nozzle controlled with a temperature-controlled meter.

Why Should You Count On Our PP Bottle Blow Molding Machine?

Leshan machinery can provide a high-quality China PP bottle-making machine responsible for a wide range of applications and packed with advanced features suitable for producing plastic containers and bottles in all shapes. The application supplies range from carbonated water bottles to edible oil and alcoholic beverages. We ensure you for best technology with excellent quality and the availability of spare parts. Being a PP bottle-making machine manufacturer, we have tried to transform our product for a stable operation that can provide speed and quality simultaneously. Our company wins worldwide users’ appreciation for every product we deal in.

Smoother, Faster EBM PP Production Machines

Low Power Consumption

Our machines are designed with the power consumption consideration in mind. Its well-designed thermal protection and insulation make it super stable in any environmental condition.

High Thermal Efficiency

Contain an interactive screen for setting heat uniformity that homogeneously distributes heat and makes molding efficient.

High Security

The best part about our pp bottle-making machines is that they are highly secured for human operations containing emergency push buttons and leak protection security and alarm systems.

Innovative Mold Designs 

You can get unique blow molding designs with easy handling without special tools. Innovative mold design produces a variety of sizes and shapes, including narrow or wide necks and so on.

Unparallel Pricing 

Low-cost modular design allows us to sell our products at low, unparallel pricing,  making us a recognized PP bottle-making machine supplier in the industry.

Compact Size 

Ease in operation and user convenience is our highest priority. Being a PP bottle-making machine manufacturer, we have tried to innovate our product for better performance. Compact designs that make our current version better with the same efficiency.

Quality Assurance 

Leshan machines are among the few PP bottle-making machine suppliers that work intensely in the quality assurance sector to provide the best products.

Choose Leshan Machinery For Higher Output Needs

We have become the number one choice of PP bottle-making machine suppliers with unmatched product quality, reasonable price, size variation, and flawless operations. Our quality product serves the industry’s growing demand, so choose Leshan machinery for higher output needs. Available in both standard and custom sizes. 

Our PP Bottle Making Machines Are Ideal For

Leshan machine’s plastic bottle-making machines are ideal for producing plastic bottles of all kinds, sizes, and depths. Its high-speed rotary blow molding machine can produce desired products more efficiently and effectively than you have ever experienced. With its remarkable production rates, users can monetize their time and resources to complete their production and meet the qualifications. They are ideal for the following industries:

Ideal Applications in the following industries:

•Beverage industry

•Pharmaceutical industry

•Commercial use