Cleaner And Easy To Maintain Hdpe Hydraulic Plastic Blow Molding Machine China

The HDPE Hydraulic Plastic Blow Molding Machine is high-tech Hydraulic machinery made by the blow molding plastic machine manufacturer for the production of a variety of plastic containers. This highly durable machinery is highly efficient in its performance and can create bottles of different shapes, different volumes, and different diameters. These machines we provide promotes high productivity as the overall procedure of bottle production is consistent. We are a professional China hdpe blow molding machine supplier specialized in hydraulically powered equipment.


  • Single/Double Station
  • Single/Double/Triple/Quadruple...8 Head
  • Horizontal Operated Clamping System
  • Production Volume:5ml~30L
  • Multilayers: Co-Extrusion 1-5 Layers
  • Multi cavities: 1~8 cavities
  • Specialize for the PE/PP/PETG/PVC/Nylon/Co-Extrusion material
  • Clamping system: Toggle


•These machines also display parameter modification and production accounting.

•The HDPE machines made by the HDPE bottle-making machine maker are also equipped with an alarm system that diagnoses any faults or errors.

•The blow molding machines we manufacture also have an anti-vibration system that helps with the reduction of noises.

•We also manufacture the energy-efficient China blow molding plastic machine for our clients with features including infrared radiation heating, temperature control, and a closed-loop regulation model.

What Sectors Can Benefit The Most From China Plastic Blow Molding Machine Exporter?

These machines provided by the blow molding plastic machine suppliers is well-suited for most sectors, including chemical industries, cosmetic industries, transport industries, food and beverage industries, oil industries, etc., as all of them, require plastic bottles. We, as your chief, plastic blow molding machine exporter provide 100% quality assurance of our machines as well because we guarantee that they are safest for all the personnel to work with. Leshan always gives utmost priority to the requirements of our patrons, which makes us the most in-demand HDPE blow molding machine exporter of not only China but the international world market.

Higher Productivity You Ever Experience With Hydraulics  

Being a well-known China hdpe blow molding machine supplier, we have always surpassed your expectations by introducing the best products in the market. The wholesaler of the China plastic blow molding machine provides higher productivity with greater output and easy adjustments without delay in production. 

Our Hydraulic machines get an edge over other similar products because of simplicity in the machine's programming, which requires no high-tech manpower to run the course. The machine provides clamping force up to 80 tons, and non-linear actuators provide high-speed production on the mold and carriage axes.  

Get The Best Quality Spare Parts For The Plastic Blow Molding Machines Here!

As Leshan has always promised to satiate all patrons, China HDPE blow molding machine exporter always makes sure to find the best solutions for you. This is the reason we are now offering separate spare parts, which adds more to the demand of the premier HDPE bottle-making machine manufacturer. So now, in case of the failure of any spare part, you would not have to invest again in the entire machine, but you can easily exchange it here with a new one. This is another reason why international dealers consider us the most reliable China HDPE blow molding machine supplier to shop from. We are more than contented to hear positive reviews from our clients, and we believe it is our customers' faith that has made us the leading HDPE bottle-making machine supplier of China.

Higher Quality And Better Controls 

For developing better quality, we take every factor of the machine-like inertia ratio, motion profile, gear ratio, and average torque in mind.  Varied sizes of servo motors and servo motor drives make our machines more precise in performance and quality.

We have tried to do our best as the professional China hdpe blow molding machine manufacturer to bring innovation and accuracy in the hydraulic blow molding systems to save this first blow molding product from becoming extinct.

Many companies cut corners to march towards more intuitive products in the pursuit of precision controls. To make hydraulic versions of blow molding better, Leshan (a China plastic blow molding company) develop things like programmable control of wall thickness and precise horizontal and vertical parison controls for user ease.

Our journey of producing high-quality China plastic blow molding machine wholesale doesn’t end here; we have lots of new approaches to test every quarter.