High-Power EBM Complete Machine

As the very first series of Leshan, the column-guide rail machine is an economic equipment taking up small space. Because of its relatively low cost, it has become the best choice for customers who has a tight budget or little knowledge about EBM machine is still popular for its low cost and proper productivity. its 4-column structure and 3-plate clamping system that allows the machine to clamp long or wide molds with suitable clamping forces. Thus, the machine several kinds of plastic bottles, such as mil bottles, cosmetic bottles and sea balls.


Single/Double Station

Single/Double/Triple Quadruple...8 Head

Production Volume:2ml-20L

Multi layers :Co-Extrusion 1-4 Layers

Multi Cavities: 1-8 Cavities

Specialize for the PE/PP/PETG/PVC/Nylon/Co-Extrusion Material


 Four-column balanced put rod structure for over-long or over-wide molds.

 Products can come out from two sides and bottom of the machine, adapted   different products

 Touchscreen with human-computer interface with simply and convenient     operation

 Double pump for oil supply, which can save energy

 Double proportional valves controlling the speed and pressure of oil, making movement of oil swift and stable.