Worldwide Application of Blow Molding Technology

Worldwide Application of Blow Molding Technology

Blow molding technology has become the most widely used method worldwide for its precision and efficiency in every product. The infinite number of benefits it has offered to almost every industry has led to its popularity globally. Today almost every product of either simple or complex shape is being produced using blow molding technology. 

With the rise in population, there has been a great rise in the demand for products, but the supply of products has never been able to meet it as better as it has with the use of blow molding technology. Therefore, the success of blow molding technology is evident from its worldwide application in all the different fields and industries. 

Benefits Of Blow Molding Technology

•One benefit of blow molding technology that will always remain top of the chart is its precision. Never has another technology been able to provide precision in every product like blow molding technology. Thus, the precision of blow molding is exceptional and unmatchable.

•Mass production of products is what industries have to do, but any other method or technology takes up a lot of time. Whereas blow molding technology does the same thing in a fraction of the time as traditional methods took and even did it better. 

•The cost of labor and all the other things was a lot in all the methods used before blow molding technology. However, blow molding is comparatively exceptionally low cost; neither does it require a lot of labor nor wastes any raw material. 

•It was a hell of a task to make products of complex shapes and designs before blow molding technology, but after the advent of it, it has become so easy to make any product of any shape. 

Blow Molding Technology – One Process, 3 Variants

Three processes of blow molding technology are being used worldwide; all the methods are equally efficient and highly productive. The processes are almost the same; there are just a few steps that make one process different from the other.

•Extrusion Blow Molding

In extrusion blow molding, the raw material is melted and turned into a molten liquid first. It is then poured into a mold that is made according to the shape of the product that one desires to make. Once the parison is poured into the mold, the air is blown in its center to inflate it. Once the parison has been inflated into the shape of the mold, it is set aside to cool down with the mold. The final product is revealed when the parison has cooled down, solidified, and is ready to be removed from the mold. High-quality extrusion blow molding machines are being used to carry out the process efficiently.

•Injection Blow Molding

In injection blow molding, the only difference is that the molten liquid that is parison is not poured but injected into the mold with an injection-like machine. The raw material is also not inflated onto the same station but is taken to the other station, where a machine inflates it into its shape. 

•Stretch Blow Molding

In stretch blow molding, the only difference is that the raw material isn’t inflated but instead stretched into the shape of the desired product.