Why Choose to Buy Extrusion Blow Molding Machines from China?

Why Choose to Buy Extrusion Blow Molding Machines from China?

Blow molding is a plastic molding that takes inspiration from glassblowing. First, the raw plastic is heated to a specific temperature (which varies with the kind of plastic). After being heated, the plastic is extruded via an extrusion machine, creating a hollow tube (or parison). After a suitable mold has been made, the operator sets the parison inside and blasts air (at a pressure of about 80psi) into it. The parison then develops into the form of the mold as it expands in it. Once the plastic has cooled, it has hardened and taken the shape of the hollow components in the mold. The next step is delegation.

Blow molding types

Blow molding might be one of three distinct varieties;

Injection blow molding

A blow or core rod injects the parison into the mold cavity. The resulting comparison will resemble a test tube. Air is blasted into the parison after it has been inserted into the mold, causing the parison to take on the form of the mold.

Extrusion blow molding

Continuous and intermittent forms exist. In the constant variation, the parison is continuously added to the mold and then snipped out after it has cooled. However, the intermittent variety removes the parison from the mold before replacing it with a fresh one. This means the periodic version saves money and time.

Injection stretch blow molding 

A plastic component is manufactured using both the injection and blast molding techniques. The procedure begins with an injection-molded solid pre-form. The pre-form is then heated by a machine that blasts hot air. 

Factors to consider when investing in the best blow molding machine

The plastics industry could only function with the use of blow molding machines. The most significant equipment is needed for every plastic molding business. Modern machinery has simplified plastic into a new product with customized colors, shapes, and patterns.

Investing in a blow molding machine to manufacture plastic goods is challenging. But following this manual will make the process easy. Some of the most important considerations when selecting the best blow molding machine for your needs are listed below.


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Blow molding machine size

The maker must consider the machine's size (which might range from tiny to large) while purchasing. The size of your product will be limited by the capabilities of the device used to create the mold. To choose the most appropriate computer, you must examine its features in detail. Your chosen size will determine your company's output, so consider your demands carefully.

Capacity for production

When purchasing a machine, it is essential to consider its output capacity, among the most important considerations when investing in a blow molding machine. Ensure the machine's output is sufficient for your requirements before purchasing it. It is recommended that the machine's output capacity be at least 25% higher than the expected demand. When you buy, you may inquire about the machine's output capacity from the vendor.

Buy from a reliable manufacturer

If you're in the market for a blow molding machine, your best bet is to purchase from a reputable and trustworthy dealer. To get work done well, you should always invest in high-quality equipment that will last a long time and perform exactly as you want. The best machinery might initially seem pricey, but they more than pay for themselves in the long run via increased productivity and profitability. In addition to saving you time and money, a high-quality machine will need fewer repairs. Under perfect circumstances, it will also provide maximum output.

If you need to know a reputable vendor, you may find one online and check out their customer reviews and ratings. Pick the one with the highest average review score. Find the perfect vendor in China or anywhere else by consulting with individuals in the sector.

Blow molding machine automation

When searching for a new blow molding machine, automation is an essential feature to look for. Typically, a PLC or wired relay logic is used for this purpose. Always watch for alternatives that may be useful to you throughout the buying process. Investing in highly automated equipment can help you save both time and money in the long run. You may switch your attention to something else while the machine works. The cost of additional labor may be reduced by using an automated machine.

What are the benefits of buying a chinese extrusion blow molding machine?

Blow molding machines often produce various industrial containers such as water bottles, soda bottles, jars, and plastic cans. Investors looking to launch or grow an injection molding firm are more likely to explore purchasing equipment from China's booming extrusion blow molding industry. So why should you buy a blow molding machine from China? The popularity of Chinese-made extrusion blow molding equipment stems from several factors.

The Chinese economy is among the most competitive in the modern global marketplace. After more than 30 years of rapid growth, China's extrusion blow molding sector has earned international acclaim for its innovative products, which are praised for their high quality and competitive prices. Since mechanical, electrical, and hydraulic parts for blow molding machines can be found almost everywhere in China and has nearly reached massive economies of scale. This shortens the supply chain's cost, resulting in a cheaper machine.

Primary benefits of purchasing a blow molding machine from china

First, you should know that Chinese manufacturing facilities are highly sought after because of their unparalleled efficiency and rapidity. The manufacturing process may commence with little downtime when the production line has been set up. If you need a machine quickly, he can make it for you. No other nation can match this ability!

Products made in China are considerably more reasonably priced than their Western European and North American counterparts because of the country's reduced labor costs. On average, China's injection molding machines cost around 10% to 20% less than their European counterparts. The result will be larger margins of profit for purchasers.

Injection molding equipment made in China may save workers time and money. Quality control and assembly are essential processes in producing injection molding machines. Both of these tasks need the use of human labor. Companies in China that manufacture injection molding machines need help finding and hiring specialists due to this industry's low volume of work.

Chinese blow molding machines continue to improve quality due to higher production standards and increasing domestic demand. China is a great place to set up shop since buyers everywhere seek high-quality goods at low prices.


These are only some of the most fundamental considerations when purchasing blow molding equipment. These considerations will lead you to the best purchase for your needs. In addition to these four criteria, you must ensure the machine's cost is reasonable. Ensure the equipment is worth the money you pay so you don't feel cheated after purchasing. To be safe, you should also verify the kind of materials it can handle. Knowing that your prospective equipment can handle a wide range of plastics is essential. There are several additional factors besides the machine's features and characteristics when purchasing. If you want to choose the best one for your needs, seriously consider all of the product's details.

One thing you can do before making a purchase is to read some reviews of the devices you're considering. It would be best if you looked up various devices on the internet. Find reviews of the machines you're interested in while researching them. These reports will include every positive and negative aspect of a product. You will learn whether the device meets your requirements and how well it performs and meets those requirements. The machine's potential usefulness to you will be apparent. Reviews are an excellent resource for finding products that meet your specific requirements. Because purchasing a device is a significant financial and life decision, it is wise to research its reputation beforehand.

When looking to purchase a blow molding machine, you'll need all of these components. The considerations above will streamline your search for the ideal machine. These are the variables that will have significant effects on the output of plastic. With their aid, you can ensure that your money is well spent. These are the most important considerations when shopping for a blow molding machine.