Sep 7,2021

Introduction To Stress-Free Molding

Stress-free molding is one of the most commonly used methods to conduct the mold stress relief test. It has been used in different industries that deal with the use of any kind of plastic to test out the feasibility and strength that a plastic product can withstand. The stress relief test can be conducted on any element that contains the properties of various forms of plastic, and it has been a groundbreaking testing solution when it comes to the manufacturing of various plastic containers. The equipment used in the stress-free testing might include various kinds of blow molding machinery, which is subjective to the type of product that is involved in the process.  The entire process of testing is conducted in a controlled environment, and it’s possible to ensure that everything is aligned before the tests take place. It’s vital to be aware of the characteristics of the material being used in the testing process and have an idea about how the plastic might react in different testing circumstances. The inclusion of different other elements might alter the plastic reactions, so it’s important that the changes in the properties must be noted throughout the stress relief testing procedures. The results might vary depending on the properties of the plastic material, including the hardness or the softness of the apparatus being used in the testing process. The major products that go through a stress relief test when required including electrical equipment, eyeglass lenses, and other appliances. The amount of pressure that each product can withstand might vary depending on their built and the results that are anticipated through the testing standards.  There’s also a requirement for manufacturers to make the products depending on the quality standards that are acceptable in the countries where the products are meant to cater to the consumer base. The standards of procedure are often decided by the engineers depending on the specifications of the products and the amount of stress that they can bear without bending and twisting to a point where they cannot be further used for any application. The prime example of this is the bottles that go through several stress tests in a plastic making facility and are monitored so they hold up to the limitation that they might have to depend on the type of plastic that is being used in the manufacturing process.   A thorough inspection should take place when the mold parts are in the process of testing to ensure the right amount of precision and accuracy. The tiniest details should be recorded about the changing behaviors and properties of the elements when they come in contact with other elements and molding parts. The closer inspection and controlling tactics might help to get accurate knowledge about the entire stress relief testing process, which might be crucial for different manufacturers who work in the circumstances like controlled temperature and assembly lines. If the inspection is not done in the correct manner, then it might reflect the irregularities in the final product.  The blow molding methods have also evolved in recent years with the inclusion of automated blow molding equipment that is built using state-of-the-art technology that enables the operators to receive accurate results without any possibility of error in the procedure. The use of modern technology has helped different industries with less consumption of energy and time; hence the final product turns out to be refined, and engineers are able to conduct thorough testing in a short span of time.  Considerations  Factors such as the design, cost, and environmental changes all should come into consideration during the procedures of the test take place. There can be a notable amount of disparity when the molding parts are put together with other elements compared to the time when they are being processed in an individual capacity. The main purpose of the stress relief test is to confirm that all the necessary procedures have been done, leaving no boxes unchecked. The stress relief test might expose the factors like how a product has been designed, sourced, and produced in different cases. The design factor of a product might force the operators to take a different approach if necessary as different elements might require several complex procedures depending on the application and the machines involved.  What Can a Stress Relief Test Study? The product is removed from the hot oven and kept to be cooled down till it comes to a manageable state. The people involved in the testing process might study the changes and other attributes that might have resulted in the character of a product while it was in the oven. The temperature of the oven might vary between a minimum of 10 degrees and a maximum of 70 degrees, according to the type of the product. The standard time for the testing procedure could go up to 7 hours, while the cooling procedure depends on the type of product that is involved in this test. The time might be changed if the components that are being tested are electric due to the distinguished character of different appliances.  The studies might include factors like how the polymers have reacted to the process, how the surrounding elements have complemented the process and if there are any points that might have caused any sort of failure throughout the process. The studies can help the engineers to pinpoint the tiniest details and flaws that might have occurred in the entire process.  Potential Results There’s a high chance of different inaccuracies and weaknesses being exposed as the result of stress relief molding tests. There can be many minor irregularities, and some of them are listed below.  Warping  After a product is exposed to an excessive amount of heat, there’s a high possibility that deformation might occur, and this deformation is known as warping. It can cause changes in the structural properties of a product and might result in some kind of damage. The damages that may occur during the procedure might include twisting, bending, distortion on the edges, and raising of a product from the sides or the edges. There can also be a possibility that warping might occur through the moisture without any direct involvement of heat in the process. There are many other elements that face warping with just the involvement of heat without any exposure to the moisture.  If any signs of warping are indicated in the process, then the operators might stop the procedure halfway through and examine the exterior of the product to determine the potential causes of warping. The engineers might be able to find their way through the root cause in which they can point out the potential imbalance of mixtures or the irregularities in the polymers that are involved in the stress relief test. Different methods and techniques are used depending on the behavior of polymers so that accurate outcomes can be found and possible solutions can be considered.   Procedures such as the Attenuated Total Reflection have been tried and tested in many different circumstances to examine each component of polymers involved in the process.  The weaknesses can be easily pointed out if the signs of warping are detected earlier in the testing procedures. The engineers go as far as examining the polymer mixture used in the process when it comes to acknowledging the tiniest details.  Shrinking  The shrinking doesn’t usually happen after few hours of the product being placed to be cooled down after the heating procedure. The main reason behind the shrinking is the imbalanced polymers, and it can happen up to 20% in a testing process. The shrinking might result in various visible issues that might occur when it comes to tallying the product with the rest of the system.  Cracking  Cracking is a unique phenomenon that takes place if the polymers produce an unsatisfactory amount of brittle plastic. Although the procedures are done in a controlled setting but sometimes due to the exposure to an extra amount of stress through machining, different cracks might be evident in the final product. It can instantly provide the engineers an idea that the formulation is weak and there’s something wrong with either the reaction of the polymers or the mixture involved in the process. The cracking might be a result of several factors, including the small broken polymers or the cooling of enclosures at a relatively fast rate compared to the others or any involvement of pressure in the process.  Residue Stresses The residue stresses are the real perpetrators behind the weaknesses that might occur during the methods performed in the test. In the case of the stress relief test, the load that is removed from the process is the extreme heat that might result in several weaknesses and irregularities dictating the outcomes of the stress relief test. The engineers ensure that the weaknesses are overcome to make the process seamless and perform the testing in the correct manner. The residue stresses of all kinds are reduced by checking all the necessary apparatus, including the polymer mixture, heating, and cooling temperatures.

Apr 13,2021

Zhancheng Rd. No. 1, Fuhai Street, Baoan District, Shenzhen, Guangdong, China

Successful Exhibition in Chinplas 2021

In the four-day exhibition, a large number of people came to visit the booth of Leshan, visiting the Second-generation Athlon EBM Machine and learning more information about it. The Second-generation Athlon EBM and the Tornado Electric EBM Machine were two stars in Leshan’s booth. The new Athon is a machine that manufactures a 3-litre cleaning supplier with a 22-second cycle time (23,500 pcs/day). A new design, Swimming-arm Robot hand with servo-motor is equipped into the machine after being tested over 5 million times. Highly delicate die head design and stable productivity are the representatives of Leshan’s efforts in the plastic industry in the past years. Leshan is sincerely thankful for all customers who spare time for our exhibition, coming with troublesome problems and leaving with pleased solutions. It’s our pleasure to have an opportunity to solve problems for customers, and we appreciate your trust and support for us. With 20-year struggling, Leshan Intelligent has grown up to a company in the plastic field with abilities of research and development, exploration, and providing solutions for customers all over the world.

Jan 31,2021


Matters Needing Attention When the Bottle Blowing Machine Stops

Matters needing attention when the bottle blowing machine stops 1. First, close the cooling water tower, water pump, water cooler and mold cooling system, etc., and cut off the water source of the bottle blowing machine and auxiliary machine 2. Turn off the incoming power supply and compressed air source of the machine 3. At the tailor both sides of the bottle blowing machine, remove the main cooling water outlet pipe and empty the water in the pipe 4. The main cooling components of the bottle blowing machine are: oil cooler, mold cooling system, air filter, air heat exchanger, mold, etc 5. After closing the water source, remove the inlet and outlet water joint, empty the water inside the cooling element, and blow out all the residual moisture inside the cooling element with high-pressure air to avoid rust or oxidation 6. When the bottle blowing machine is used again, reinstall the inlet and outlet water joints of each cooling element, and pay attention to cleaning the filter screen on the inlet pipe of the oil cooler A detailed explanation of shutdown of bottle blowing machine Firstly, Matters needing attention for barrel and hopper before shutdown Before stopping, take out the excess plastic inside the hopper and exhaust the material inside the machine barrel until it can not be discharged. Secondly, Machine inlet power supply and compressed air source 1. Turn off the incoming power of the machine     2. Turn off the intake air source of the machine 3. external type oil cooler Close the inlet water, open the nozzle, connect the water with the container, and empty the water in the external oil cooler; Remove the intake pipe (the return pipe is not dismantled for the time being), and blow with high-pressure air from the intake port until there is no water flowing out of the discharge port. 4. Mold water block Use compressed air to drain the water inside the water block to prevent freezing and cracking. 5.Compressed air heat exchanger Use compressed air to drain the water inside the water block to prevent freezing and cracking. 6. Air purifier Drain the water from the lower outfall. 7.Total inlet and outlet water pipes of the bottle blowing machine Close the water intake, remove the return pipe, and empty the water in the pipe to prevent freezing and cracking. 8. Blow mold Disconnect the inlet pipe, use compressed air, and remove the residual water stains in the mold. Prevent frostbite mold, spray rust inhibitor inside mold cavity to prevent mold cavity from rusting. 9. guide rail and guide pillar Clean up the grease on the guide rail and guidepost, and add new lubricating oil. Only by systematic maintenance can the equipment cope with heavy work in the best condition. If you have any questions or comments during the actual operation, you are welcome to contact us. We will serve and help you wholeheartedly. Your valuable comments will be improved in the upgrading of Leshan's products and services in the future.

Dec 25,2020


Luo Dingbang Middle School Class Two Walk Into Leshan

#罗定邦中学高二班#走进乐善 # Luo Dingbang Middle School Class Two # Walk Into Leshan On November 7th, teachers, parents and students from Grade 2 of Shunde Luodingbang Middle School visited the company and visited Leshan, a local enterprise in Shunde, to learn about Leshan manufacturing and its development.   General manager Tan to lead the students to visit the leshan factory, understand the process of leshan to introduce students to leshan blow molding principle of bottle blowing machine, let the students realize the original bottle blowing machine blow molding products throughout all areas of our lives, from food and beverage, household items, automotive machine oil tank, etc., in the life, which can find the shadow of blow molding products. Senior business manager, Wu Yaobin, talked with students about how to make a good career plan and self-psychological construction from the role of student to the society. We are always reaching our goals, but we seldom set a higher goal for ourselves. The difference in life lies in the surpassing of our goals. Challenging 99 makes all partners deeply realize that surpassing goals is a normal state!As long as there is the spirit of continuous progress beyond, your life will be more wonderful and gorgeous! Qin Guiwei, a new employee, as an elder brother, exchanged heart to heart with his classmates and shared his experience in the workplace. For me, a new employee who just came out of campus, Leshan is a new environment different from the past and a new challenge. I need to keep the high passion for learning, constantly supplement the knowledge and improve skills so as to adapt to the development of the company. Leshan has grown from a small factory to a NEEQ listed company with 400 employees and a workshop of 56 mu. Leshan bottle blowing machine has always occupied a leading position in the hollow blowing molding industry. Talent training plays a key role in the rapid development of the industry. Enterprise participation is the only way for school-enterprise cooperation, and also the solid support for the development of education. Thanks to the school teachers and students to visit Leshan, the inspection, will be conducive to the further development of cooperation between colleges and fusion, realize the win-win result, at the same time for students to understand the corporate culture of Leshan "make good intelligence is appreciated all over the world, under the globalization strategy layout, Leshan is building the world famous brand, let Shunde manufacturing towards the world, let the made in China to the world, let the leshan bottle blowing machine was informed by global users.

Dec 11,2020


Strengthen The Will, Exceed Ourselves, Form Team Spirit

Strengthen the will, Exceed ourselves, Form team spirit --2020 Leshan Intelligent Reserve Personnel Outward Bound In order to make employees face their work and life with a more optimistic and positive attitude, Leshan carried out a training program for reserve personnel, hoping to make employees feel relaxed physically and mentally through this activity. At the same time, stimulate the individual potential of employees, cultivate excellent team spirit. Under the guidance of the referee, we were divided into two teams. After the introduction of the rules, in the loud and clear call, the expansion training activity began. Ice-breaking game Introductions and games are powerful tools to pull people apart quickly. (" Finger games "are like breaking through the thick ice of a cold winter.) Speed 60 seconds Two groups are performed at the same time. One teammate in the group will sort the cards out of order, and the teammate outside the circle can only use verbal cues. The team that completes the cards the fastest and correctly will win. Build tall buildings All participants performed at the same time. Props: 10 pieces of A4 paper, a pair of scissors, and a roll of transparent tape. Spend 20 minutes to design and make, and score points according to the height of the building in the static state [How to build a tall building with small paper? This project is on to test the team's design thinking and practical ability! Count mung beans All at the same time, in a pile of green beans, count 300 grain, no impurities, required number out fast and accurate, the number is wrong results invalid [friend must be "m" to find a "green", there can be no impurities, who can quickly and numeral to 300 grains? Is the test personal execution, careful and meticulous in the levels of a project the 】 Solve the problem All people at the same time, answer: what may be the factors that cause the quality of substandard, how to find out the real reason, what is the idea of rectification?[As a management reserve, the ability to solve problems is essential. This project provides a realistic scenario for students to provide solutions and ideas.] Impromptu speech Draw a keyword from a raffle box and give an impromptu speech. (Presentation skills are a great tool for managers, and flexibility and presentation skills are shown in this part.) Beads travel thousands of miles Two groups for the game at the same time, the hand can't touch the ball, halfway off the ball, continue to back 3 m, 5 minutes dribble most of the team scores, both teams winning to PK [is the progress of the enterprise depends on everybody hand in hand to promote, managers should not only know the command also understand groups to cooperate. We changed together "pearl" can be shipped to the specified location, the junior partner in the game is to experience the importance of teamwork Through this training, enhance the participation of the staff on collective consciousness and the sense of responsibility, this experience will bring you in the future work of great help, each project of the storm is an incentive, smelting team, challenge themselves, improve team cohesion, strengthen the communication each other, promote the development of the team. Every job as long as we go all out to solve problems, we will be successful!

Dec 5,2020

Zhancheng Road No. 1, Fuhai Street, Baoan District, Shenzhen Booth: 4E31

Zhancheng Road No. 1, Fuhai Street, Baoan District, Shenzhen Booth: 4E31 Lantern Festival

Lantern Festival It is one of China's traditional festivals It is also the first important festival after the Spring Festival The fifteenth day of the first month When the moon is full, the lights compete The Lantern Festival is here We use the heart wrapped sweet dumplings Use happiness as a seasoning With sincere blessing as the fire Boil a bowl of sweet dumplings and bring it to you