Dec 5,2020

Zhancheng Road No. 1, Fuhai Street, Baoan District, Shenzhen Booth: 4E31

Zhancheng Road No. 1, Fuhai Street, Baoan District, Shenzhen Booth: 4E31 Lantern Festival

Lantern Festival It is one of China's traditional festivals It is also the first important festival after the Spring Festival The fifteenth day of the first month When the moon is full, the lights compete The Lantern Festival is here We use the heart wrapped sweet dumplings Use happiness as a seasoning With sincere blessing as the fire Boil a bowl of sweet dumplings and bring it to you

Nov 7,2020


An Invitation to International Rubber & Plastic Exhibition

Video of Case!!! Parameter Product: Hair Conditioner Bottle Cavity: 8+8 Cycle time: 14s Weight: 15g Material: HDPE Capacity: 200ml * Data on the page are all from Leshan's internal test, and the specific data of the equipment is subject to the condition of the customized equipment.  Features 1.    Cycle time of 14 seconds, eight cavities; 2.    Balanced toggle structure, accurate and stable with an electronic ruler; 3.    White-chain climbing belt, making little noise and convenient to clean and repair; 4.    A machine insulation cover for temperature and energy saving; 5.    Stable and automatic convey belts for efficiency; 6.    Blow pin with blowing and exhausting function, reducing the cooling time 7.    Simple and reliably controlled by a computer, highly automatic

Nov 6,2020


Leshan EBM Machines Special for Milk Bottles - Extrusion Blow Molding Segment Market Pioneer

In modern society, people are always reliable with plastic bottles. Its advantages of lightweight and is not easy to break allow plastic bottles to apply to things including food packages to industrial production. It can be seen that healthy and high-quality plastic bottles are very important, but the equipment for making plastic bottles is more important. Since the beginning of the second world war in the last century, the application of blow moulding has been nearly a hundred years of history, and technology has long been different. As the "pioneer" in the field of blow molding machines in China, Leshan Intelligent is committed to bring a better experience for customers by introducing the new blow molding machine and blow molding technology, growing out of nothing, from traditional to intelligent. Winning the respect of customers through continuous growth. During its development, Leshan has been constantly discovering the market demand and listening to customers' opinions. From research and development to production, Leshan has made customized bottle blowing aircraft for customers. Its beautiful appearance, good quality, high-efficiency advantages, has been unanimously praised by customers. Leshan EBM Machines Special for Milk Bottles Dairy products are one of the sources of nutrition that can be seen everywhere in People's Daily life. As a container of dairy products, the stability of the quality of milk bottles is very important. Inferior milk bottles will accelerate the deterioration of dairy products, pollute dairy products, and even harm people's health. Through investigation and research, Leshan has customized 50-350ml single-layer milk bottle aircraft for customers according to the characteristics of the dairy industry and customer needs. In addition to meeting the standard requirements of the food industry, it also brings the customized advantages of the special plane: 1, multi-die head, multi-station, high output using high-precision machining centre to manufacture die headshunt body, to ensure that the thickness of each material embryo is consistent. 2, double proportional valve control oil flow rate and pressure, reversing valve control flow direction, deceleration valve brake, smooth and fast action. 3. The mounting surface of the frame is precisely processed by the gantry, so as to ensure that the pen insert nozzle is precisely vertical to the cutting mouth of the mould, and the mounting surface of the guide rail of the mold locking frame is uniformly horizontal. From negotiation to finished products, the products are exclusively customized, which are favoured by customers as soon as they are launched. To become the supplier of many partners, such as Danone, Wahaha, Mengniu and other well-known brands. Leshan EBM Machines for Cleaning Supplies Daily chemical products are the necessities of our life, and the use cycle of products is generally long. In the process of repeated use, the quality stability and surface wear of containers have an important impact on the user experience of consumers. As the demand for daily chemical products bottles is getting higher and higher, Leshan Intelligent Energy has customized a special washing products plane for customers according to the characteristics of the daily chemical products industry and the needs of customers. Through the improved blow molding technology, the plastic products produced by the washing products special plane are of high durability and good quality, which brings a good user experience for consumers. At the same time the use of new technology to increase the type of clamping force, so that the production of the mold will not be broken; The screw is specially designed for a polymer material, which saves 20% of raw material cost compared with traditional HDPE. And with an online leak detection function. With many characteristics, the washing products special plane has made an important contribution to the improvement of the quality of the industry, and successfully cooperated with Johnson & Johnson, Liby, Unilever and other brands.   Leshan EBM Machines for Oil Tanks The car is one of the indispensable means of transportation for modern people. For the car, in the usual maintenance, it is necessary to change the oil regularly. The market has higher and higher requirements for the sealing and acid and alkali resistance of the machine oil tank. According to the characteristics of oil products and customer needs, Leshan Intelligent Energy launched a customized engine oil tank aircraft. After scientific research and public relations, the machine tank aircraft has formed the following advantages: it can efficiently produce a number of high-quality machine tanks; the die head of the special plane is equipped with discharging screws, and the colour-changing time is less than 2 hours each time. According to the characteristics of a large oil tank expansion area, the clamping force of this series of models is additionally strengthened. It is also equipped with a mechanical hand bottle feeding device, in-mould labelling and online leak detection functions. The special machine for the oil tank has the advantages of high output, short colour changing time, strong clamping force and exclusive customization, etc., which are favoured by customers and successfully provide services for PetroChina, Shell, Mobil and other brands. Leshan Intelligence has never stopped investing in the research and development of advanced technologies in the development process, improving work efficiency in hardware and becoming more intelligent in software. Leshan Intelligence has actively developed its own technical advantages and created more economic benefits for customers. After nearly 20 years of ups and downs, Leshan intelligence has grown into the bottle blowing machine equipment industry research and development strength, technological innovation capability is strong, large scale of production capacity of one of the enterprises, annual production of bottle blowing machine, the size of more than 500 sets of products ranging from daily life to industrial manufacturing, not only the country, more become a worldwide certain well-known intelligent machinery manufacturing brands.

Nov 5,2020


Leshan Employees’ Learning How to Improve Efficiency with CRM

After Alibaba's acquisition of Xiaoman, it fills the gap of analysis, marketing and transformation after acquiring customers on the platform, and helps our sales improve their efficiency and transaction conversion rate. The senior product manager of Xiaoman came to explain how it helps the enterprises with buyer management and order conversion and what changes were made with the in-depth communication between Xiaoman and the platform. The Lecture Notes: The average life span of small and medium-sized enterprises in China is only 2.9 years. In addition to the competitiveness of products, the order number is an important factor that determines whether the enterprise can survive 2.9 years. How to get more orders? This needs the enterprise itself to accumulate a set of marketing systems to support. Method 1: find leads when the order conversion rate remains the same. How to find, also needs to learn. The same to buy the inquiry for money, you have to figure out which platform to buy them at the cheaper unit price, according to time, quality. Then integrate this money, time, effect factors, to decide how to invest money for the inquiry. Method 2: improve the conversion rate. In other words, how to manage and dig for the clues you have, rank the client, and move on to the next negotiation. Okki can be leveraged here. Firstly, make use of Xiaoman's functions of customer follow-up and customer data synchronization to save and update customer data in time, standardizing customer management. The second is to make use of Xiaoman's global customer database of 120 million and corporate search engine to identify and rank customers for key follow-up. Thirdly, after the ranking of the customer, dig them deeply, and learn about customer business categories and customers upstream and downstream industries. The amount of information makes success or failure. The more we know about the customer's information, the easier it is to seize the customer needs and the greater the opportunity to deal. How to Get More Orders? In order to get more customers during the epidemic period, we started from SEM/SEO of independent stations to more investment in B2B platforms and established social media accounts. In this year, I have never stopped chasing orders. To know how to increase inquiries, the first thing is to understand the way to increase exposure. I will study the conversion rate, how to understand the customer life cycle while retaining them. In maintaining the same product line, the same team, it can be summarized into two ways to get more orders, one is with unchanged order conversion rate, increase leads, that is to say, to invest in "advertising" for more exposure and customer leads; The second is to improve the conversion rate, that is to say, to shape the response quality of salesmen, according to the high conversion rate of customer follow-up template, copy to the entire sales team. Customer Relationship Management, the Key Point to Deepen and Longstanding Cooperation Usually, in the condition of the same production cost, labour quality and sales tool, we boost sales by increasing as many customer acquisitions as we can, which is at quite a considerable cost. And if the churn rate in your business is too high, and your customer acquisition efforts aren't keeping pace, you could end up running your business into the ground. For this reason, we need to improve the customer development efficiency and make good use of our limited customer resourcing. To achieve this goal, we need to build up scientific and efficient customer relationship management. Customer management has a great effect on product development, supplier choice and sales management. How to do that? First, focusing on what customers really require and studying counterparts’ products, we should manufacture products that can solve customers’ problems and lead the market. Second, we ought to figure out what is the meaning of the “Target Market”. “Target Market” is not only a regional concept but also the most accurate and particular customer groups containing industry, consumption ability, industry status and sales channel. Third, a good customer classification is propitious to develop valuable customers efficiently. If you keep in touch with your key customers and provide good quality products, you will seize the opportunity and make a deal. Fourth, making a comprehensive marketing plan. And we should have deep research on customers’ purchasing habits from different stations such as Alibaba, Social Media, Google SEO and Independent Foreign Trade Station. Final, after we analyze the statistical promotion cost and adjust the promotion plan in time. As for the sales managers, we have to figure out our product’ advantages compare to similar products because fine details are usually the key to a successful deal. Customer maintenance is the facilitating condition for longstanding cooperation for there are millions of suppliers for your customers and you are not the only one. And as a salesperson, we need to have a delicate and heightened insight. every time we contact our customers, we should bring some new industry information which is what customers are really interested in. Although we may fail so many times and receive a ton of negative messages from the general customers like high prices, we cannot cloud our judgement. How about pressing the PAUSE button and work our problems out? I believe one day you will find your own unique way! You need to recognize each step of progress you make towards achieving your goals.

Sep 9,2021


An Invitation to International Rubber & Plastic Exhibition

New Product Preannouncement: Recognized by the market with its excellent EBM machines, Leshan Intelligent detected the need for an integrated solution of extrusion technology. To meet the demands of different customers, Leshan’s professional R&D staff cooperate with German specialists for advanced extrusion blow moulding equipment. With such an integrated solution, Leshan’s products, that the Athlon EBM and the Whirly EBM Machines, matches completely with the demands of the market. The Althon EBM Machines The design of the Athlon synchronized with that of American and European styles. The motion of the machine is not only more stable, its output also doubled: the speed of production increases by 20%. And its new concept is that the inner structure should be clear at a glance.   The Whirly EBM Machines: Specially designed for efficient production of small plastic products, the whirly EBM machines are small, fast and stable, as the machines of accurate temperature control, the lowest energy consumption and the highest degree of automation.