factory for small blow molding machines

factory for small blow molding machines

Leshan Machinery Company's main products include Hydraulic Blow Molding Machine, All-Electric PET Blow Molding Machine and High-precision Mould, Hdpe Hydraulic Plastic Blow Molding Machine,Blowing Mould & Injection Mould,Accumulated Die Head EBM Machine,Daily chemistry bottle blow molding machine,Irregular shape product blow molding machine,Food bottle blow molding machine,multi-layer coextrusion blow molding machine,Automa Blow Molding Machine,Chemical barrel blow molding machine,Engine oil bottle blow molding machine,factory for small blow molding machines,etc. After more than 20 years' development, we has founded a technical team which was built up by outstanding qualified plastic machinery professionals who combined with rich theoretical knowledge and practical experience.

Currently ,LESHAN has Numerical-controlled cutting machine,Numerically controlled lathe,Numerical-controlled knee bend machine,Four axis CNC machining-center and other specialized equipment. We are also armed with comprehensive strength such as strong R&D power,production marketing,technical support,etc...

Product Name factory for small blow molding machines
Appearance Modern
Brand Name Leshan
Place of Origin Foshan, China
Application Petrochemicals,Medical Supplies...etc
Products Certificate CE,ISO...etc
Export region Asia,Oceania,America
Voltage Customized
Port Shenzhen & Guangzhou & Foshan
Service Professional
Automation Automatic
Machinery Test Report Provided

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The operation of factory for small blow molding machines includes several stages, starting from the melting and extrusion of plastic materials into preforms or preforms. Then place the blank in the mold cavity, where compressed air is used to inflate it to present the shape of the mold. The mold is cooled to solidify the plastic, and once it reaches the desired shape, the mold will open to discharge the finished product.

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