Innovative Blow Molds Reduce Compressed Air Pressure In Pet Blow Molding

Innovative Blow Molds Reduce Compressed Air Pressure In Pet Blow Molding

Manufacturing industries as they introduced us to PET blow molding technology, and since then, the world has had a 180-degree shift. However, technology hasn’t always given us good things, but blow molding is so far the best technological addition to the world in recent times. With time new improvements are being made in the field of PET blow molding; the technology has enhanced to the point that it is now cutting down the production cost to an exceptional degree. Thus, these innovations in PET blow molding have taken the world by storm, and we think this technology has come here to stay forever.

The benefits of PET blow molding were already outstanding, but with constant innovations and improvements that are being made in this field, the benefits have increased to such an extent that it seems unreal. PET blow molding was known for its exceptional features, including precision manufacturing, design accuracy, reduced production cost, time-saving, requiring no manual input, energy-saving, etc. Let’s have a look at the recent innovations that have been made in the field of PET blow molding technology.

•Light Weighting

Light weighting is an amazing innovation that has significantly helped in reducing the production cost. It is basically a process in which the amount of PET that is usually used to manufacture a plastic product is reduced to half; this way, the compressed air pressure used to blow the PET is also decreased. Decreased compressed air pressure enables energy savings meaning the PET blow molding process saves up tremendous amounts of energy while manufacturing the same high-quality plastic products, innovative! Right? For instance, a plastic bottle earlier weighed around 12 g to 14 g, and the compressed air pressure used to blow them was between 365 psi to 590 psi. However, with this light-weighting technique, a plastic bottle can now weigh around 8 g, and the amount of compressed air pressure needed to blow it has also been decreased. Weight reduced, compressed air pressure requirement decreased, and energy saved only through light-weighting technique. 

•Recirculating High-Pressure Compressed Air

The use of compressed air in PET blow molding contributes a great amount to the production cost of PET blow molding products. For this reason, an innovation of compressed air recovery systems was made in the field of PET blow molding that has solved the problem. Now the compressed air used in PET blow molding is recycled, which also aids energy savings in this process. The high-pressure compressed air that we recycle in the PET blow molding processes can be used as recirculated compressed air in other PET blow molding processes. Recirculated compressed air is ideal for producing service and pre-blow air. Apart from this, it can also be returned to low pressure compressed air network of the plant. It is not only helping in saving compressed air but is also enabling money savings and energy savings.

•Separate Low-Pressure And High-Pressure Air Systems

The PET blow molding technology is a fast process and has the ability to blow around 2400 plastic bottles per hour. This is seen as a benefit, but there is a flaw to it; fast processing causes pressure drops in filters and headers, which are responsible for supplying compressed air to the machine. To solve this problem, the compressed air systems are set to run at a higher level which in turn decreases the compressed air pressure for other machines. Thus, all-electric blow molding machines sellers came up with a solution and did some innovation in the design of blow molds. They separated the high pressure and low pressure compressed air systems first. Along with that, they put localized air receivers and pneumatic components to cope with the pressure drop and minimize it as much as possible. The size of the pneumatic components should be accurate; the receiver must be set close to the moulder; the piping has to be large to deal with spikes. That’s innovative and has made PET blow molding technology the most commonly used technology in the world. 

•Place Sub-Micronic Filters

Cleanliness is mandatory for carrying out the PET blow molding process effectively; anything that isn’t meant to be there, like water vapours, particulate matter, or oil, is going to cause some problem. Therefore, to stop any such problem from happening, two sub-micronic filters are placed at a place from where high-pressure compressed air comes into the machine. This way, cleanliness is maintained; however, the machine also uses six pneumatic valves that are also required to remain clean without accumulation of oil or particulate matter as it disturbs the supply of compressed air, which directly impacts the shape of the final product.